Circuit Training at Sevierville Gym is 30 minutes of Intensity!

Circuit training is a vigorous blend of strength and cardio training exercises. You can sculpt your muscles and pump up your heart rate – all at the same time — with this fast-paced workout at the National Fitness Center in Sevierville.

Circuit training at our health club consists of timed stations that alternate between strength and aerobics. Your circuit might start at a free weight station, then move to a cardio activity when time is up, and then back to free weights.

Thirty minutes is all you need to blast fat and sculpt your muscles, so you can experience this amazing workout during your lunch break or after work. Or supplement your other exercises – whether it’s spinning or group training class — with this fast-moving workout.

Get on the circuit at our Sevierville gym today. Try it out with a free, 3-day pass!