For Extreme Relaxation, try Hydromassage at our Sevierville Gym

Does your day have you tied in knots with infinite e-mails, snarled traffic and long lines? Take some “me” time and soothe away the day with hydromassage at the National Fitness Center in Sevierville.

Hydromassage sends temperature controlled water pulsing along your spine to relieve muscular tension, stiffness and soreness. Unlike the submersion of a hot tub, the hydromassage bed allows you to remain fully clothed as you direct the massage to focus on problem areas.

Indulge in our health club’s hydromassage to melt away tension – whether from a hectic day – or after a vigorous circuit training, spinning or free weight workout at our gym.

Call (865) 429-2400 today and schedule your soothing hydromassage session at our Sevierville fitness center!